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Pain is back

hi everyone

so for a while my pain died down , I had glandular fever last year but with all the symptoms from that which lasted over six months my Endo gave me a break. Now that I've had my tonsils out its back in full force I've just started uni again redoing my second year and I've already had to take time off because of the pain and exhaustion , I've been the doctors and they said they don't want to refer me back to gyne because with me being so young there's not much they will be able to do. All the pain is causing my depression and anxiety to hit the roof , has anyone got any suggestions for the fatigue and how to keep my spirits up. Also any suggests for pain relief , I'm on cocoadonal constantly with ibuprofen

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and they don't seem to be helping. I haven't got many friends as they don't understand and I wont even try for a relationship as I don't want someone going through this with me xxxxx


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