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Hi, there Endo sisters, My name is Krasi and I am 33years old, will be 34 on the 25 July.

I have way too many questions in my head, but 1st things first. I found out about my bilateral endometrioma in Summer 2014. had my laparoscopy in April 2015. In October 2015, I start to experience very different experience. after having a long day at work the day before, next day morning I had weird limping and jerking of my left knee, which did not allow me to stand still and I was shaking... the same day I lost my job, which was...different story. Went to GP, lucky he send me to A&E and emergency neurologist. The neuro did CT scan, did MRI on my head etc... and they said that there was nothing pathological that they could find. The Same year in December '15, my leg situation appeared again. in 2016, I noticed that every time I got my period, this limping on my left leg it is appeared again and last till my period finish. Late same 2016, it did start to appear not only when I have my period, but in every two 2 weeks, or when I got tired and just for no reason. Late in the middle of the autumn of 2016, I had the same problems with a leg for more than 2 weeks. This year I had the same problem for 4 weeks also had some clinching on right side of my lower back. Luckily could effort to go chiropractor and be able to see for a couple of sessions at the beginning was okay, and some how managed to keep me still for 2 months, max 3months. However on the 24th of May ( can't forget this day ) after lunch time my left leg suddenly went again twisting in and could not stay still, around 30 min late my lower back soft again and my right hip made me bend on one side( can't really describe). Went to A&E as need it someone to take me seriously( I work in the same hospital). The person who saw me gave me crouches, and finally, someone sent a letter to my GP that need to be seen by someone for this problem. No one since that day has seen me except my GP, that for some reason I finally manage and have been booked for MRI next Friday that is 21st July( thank God).

MY QUESTION HERE IS: Has any of You ENDO SISTERS 😇😇 have had any similar experiences in the past or having right now?

I forget to say that my current diagnoses since lap in 2015 is severe ( stage 4 ) endometriosis with another 8 small endo cysts all over my abdominal. In addition, having stage 4 ( severe ) adenomyosis.

Do you think is all because of the Endo? I am really out of patience as I have run out of SSP and now just waiting to see if I can apply for any additional benefits ( just while I go back to work, hopefully).

I would really appreciate if can share any of your experiences if got similar problems. Can't effort to go private or back in my country.

Kind regards,


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I think it's possible, I get pain in my right hip and I know my endo was down my right side. I'm not sure what stage I was - did you have the endometriosis removed? What treatment did you receive?


I had removed on the right side in 2015, but now it is back again mostly on the left side plus multiple endometriotic nodules on the uterosacral ligaments, rectovaginal septum, and bowel. also peritoneal pseudocyst as well. Treatment ...well they give me the combined pill, which my body and nerve system did not like it, so I stop taking them. Waiting for a second opinion and have to decide either surgery or hormonal treatments.


Yeah they did that to me for the longest time until I refused to take them because I react badly to them and I have a thyroid problem so my hormones are imbalanced anyway so I didn't want further hormone imbalances. When I was finally seen by somebody I was offered the mirena coil or have the endometriosis removed and start ivf if I wanted children. It kind of annoyed me that I had to make a massive life choice then and there to be honest. I have private insurance through work so I did it through that in the end. My mother also had endo and had the mirena cool which I think helped an awful lot. She eventually had a hysterectomy and never looked back. I would probably say to make sure that you get a referral to a bsge centre as they will be experts in endometriosis. Someone gave me this link on here and it was very helpful bsge.org.uk/centre/ good luck


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