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I'm new to this forum

Hi, I am having trouble getting diagnosed endo/anything at all, I have been having investigations for 4 years now but only ever had blood tests for hormone imbalance or anemia, I have had 3 transvaginal ultrasounds and nothing was found, my pain & bleeding gets worse every month (during & not during period) and now I have really bad pain when having sex. I have been prescribed and take tranexamic acid & mefenamic acid which doesn't help! I feel depressed because i know somethings wrong with me, im constantly exhausted no matter how much sleep i get & im always ill with flu/head cold and my GP is rude and keeps dismissing me because I'm only 21 years old. Its causing major issues in my relationship and I feel helpless and also feel like im going mad. Please can anyone give me advise so I can be taken more seriously?

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Start a symptom diary and then go back to a different GP to push for a referral . Ask the receptionist who to see and which Doctor is good for this type of problem, they always know.



Painful sex could be an indication of deep endo so if possible try to get referral to a BSGE Endo centre.



Thanks so much, I have been keeping a written diary since March last year! I have another GP appointment on Sat so i will bring this up.


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