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Missing threads from merina coil

I had the coil fitted (to help with endo) 20 months ago and had it checked last October (all was fine). I then became ill in November and given the symptoms asked for them to check the coil threads - they had disappeared so I was referred back to consultant as they thought it may have fallen out. An ultra sound found the coil was still in place but I was ill due to ovarian cyst. I was rescanned 4 weeks ago and the cyst has gone so the consultant discharged me but I am concerned what now happens about my coil?

Has anyone else experienced this? I assumed they would remove it and fit a new one but nobody seems bothered about it other than me.


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Why would a new one be needed if the original one is in place? Xx


My threads​/strings get tucked up (twice now) and I never bother to check them.

If the mirena is in place and doing its job, I figure there's nothing to be concerned about.

If you are in pain or any other reason, I would get it checked.

Agree with Janine33 xx

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It's the first coil I've ever had and I was told that was what would need to be done when i first saw gp about it because it has to be checked annually but with no threads they can't tell it's there.


I agree with the above ppl! If its been confirmed to be in place & all is good hell leave it until the 5yrs are up! Dont be worrying about getting it out then another in, its working! Plus having it put in is hell so avoid if not necessary.



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