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Pain gets worse after miscarriage and ttc

Hi all,

I have relocated to UK 3 months ago due to my husband's work. I was diagnosis to have endometriosis and adenomyosis few years ago, and had been followed up by the gynecologist who suggested me to get pregnant asap. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage last Nov and was suffered from the acute pelvic inflammation few days after the surgery. Gynecologist and Chinese doctor asked me to take some rest before ttc again. In a very short notice, we moved to UK. Pain during period is getting worse in this 2 months, I was almost fainted in the tube last month. May I ask your suggestion that shall I visit the GP and ask for transferring to the specialist? How does it work in UK?

I'm 34 years old and it's very frustrating to see the negative test every month, while all my friends get babies in this 5 years and I'm being asked by every family members..... It seems no one understood what is my problem. Believe me, I tried to tell them I have endo, but even my husband doesn't really understood what exactly is it :(

I'm happy to see a group here in order for me to share some thoughts, at least I'm not alone :)

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Hi I'm also going through this exact same scenario..will like to chat , if you don't mind


I'm ttc too- it's so disheartening. Yes your GP can refer you to gynae. Or if you think likely you'll need a lap, you could pay £250 ish for a private consultant (a really great one) and he/she can usually refer you on to NHS for surgery. It's s good way to short cut some of the waiting. There's a face book group if you want recommendations. I'm about to start IVF -inevitable but I've been dragging my feet on it and now think my endo has got worse. Sigh. Good luck x


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