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Endo free after lap but still in pain, need advice please :(

Hi everyone,

I had a lap last year and had lots of endo excised, but after the operation I felt very little improvement, so my gynaecologist at the time told me she thought I may have adenomyosis as well. However, recently I went to a leading endo specialist for a second opinion, had an MRI and was told there are no signs of either disease?! This is good news because I'm glad my endo isn't growing back and there is no adeno...but it begs the question, what is causing my pain and other endo-like symptoms? (mainly extreme fatigue, bloating, stomach upset etc)

I'd be really interested to hear any thoughts and suggestions. I'm not sure what to do next.

Hannah xxx

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I have both endo and adenomyosis which were both diagnosed through a laparoscopy. Adenomyosis is very hard to diagnose and I think can be missed on an MRI and even during a lap. In my case, the gynae consultant (who was an endo specialist from a BSGE centre) found out that my uterus was enlarged and spongy during a lap which means I am highly likely to have adeno. Therefore, I would look into this and also look at other possibilities for example have you been tested for coeliac? If not, make sure you don't cut out gluten before the test if you decide to do it-I would look up the guidelines of what you should eat beforehand. I am not coeliac but my stomach upset and bloating has calmed down since eating a gluten-free diet. I hope this helpsx


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