Burst polyp!!?? Help!!

Hi there ladies

I'm hoping someone out there might be able to help?

I believe I might have experienced a burst polyp.

It started with bloating, dull heavy pain. Then had 7hrs of agony... Sweating uncontrollable. After heavy meds it finally past. After an uncomfortable night, I woke feeling Ok.

I therefore put this down to ovulation pain but later that day I had a brownish/yellowish discharge(sorry for tmi)with what looked like a casing or something. My doctor just thinks it's Endo related and as under bsge centre.. Should wait till surgery In Dec/Jan( to remove stage 4 Endo).

Would be nice to know what this was?..

I have cysts on my ovaries but surely this wouldn't have been the cause ?

Thanks In advance for any suggestions or advice

Best wishes to all X


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  • I have this happen every flare up, I thought I was the only 1!

    I experience a full ache in my abdomen then I feel like there's something heavy on my cervix that I need to pass and I tmi start 'queefing' and then I'll pass what you described.

    It might be a cyst, one time when I had it happen, the ER doctors told me I might've had a burst cyst and they couldn't do anything about it.

    I would check your temperature just to make sure there isn't an infection from the cyst.

  • Thanks for replying Hannah!

    It's a horrible symptom.

    Sorry to hear you always suffer like this. Been to A&E a few times with other issues. Try not to bother now as always send me home with antibiotics and unexplained diagnoses 🙄

    Hope we both get respite soon xxxxx

  • I only got antibiotics once at A & E and it was for bv after being there 7 times, most of the time they sent me home and said "Bad period" "Take more painkillers" while it said on my file b/c I told the nurse I was on the highest dose of Advil and Tylenol over the counter and still crying.

    I don't think doctors get endo, I keep getting told I'm too young and I was so fed up once that I told off a doctor when he said it about how I'm not to young it's just that 'they' don't listen for years.

  • All very frustrating... Are you being treated by an Endo specialist now?

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