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Endo diagnosis

Hey All, I suffer from heavy periods, cramps, bleeding after sex and incredibly painful bowel movements during my period. For a time, I also bled vaginally after each BM. My consultant ordered a pelvic MRI and found no sign of endo, but discovered I have a very small fibroid and that I have the early signs of adenomyosis. I also have cervical erosion. This may be causing my symptoms, but I wondered whether the MRI is a conclusive way of diagnosing or dismissing endo? I am holding off having a lap as we would like to try for a third baby in a few months, and as I conceived successfully before, I'm hesitant to go poking around just yet. Any advice / help would be hugely appreciated as GP and consultant seem certain endo isn't the problem but I'm not convinced. Many thanks!

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A MRI dosnt always show up endo, you need a laparoscopy to see if you have any endometreosis,

Good luck x


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