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Endometriosis on cervix


I recently went for a colposcopy due to some abnormal bleeding and the results came back as normal but she noted that I had a small patch of endometriosis. She removed a polyp so I am wondering if this has anything to do with it?

Now I am really anxious wondering if I have it anywhere else- has anyone else been in this situation?

Thanks :)

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I had a polyp removed which was blocking the neck of my womb, this stopped my abnormal bleeding but have been told polyps can come back. I had a lap done and endo was found and removed. As I was using private medical insurance and was still suffering I went for a second opinion at a different hospital. So 8 weeks after the first one I had a diagnostic lap done at a BSGE recognised private hospital. I am told I have endo on everything and have seen the pictures!! Hope this helps.


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