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Feeling fedup!!!!!

I was diagnosed with endometriosis 3 years ago was surgicly removed 2 years ago but it as come bk on loads of medication. Went 4 an mri last month got my results yesterday. Was confirmed endometriosis as come bk but can not form a treatment plan as the mri showed up i have damage to my lowet spin bones so need to come off the injegection and have further test done so frustrated all ways feel like am taking bout 20 steps backwards xx

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Aww sorry to here ur having a difficult time u would think they would be able to come up with a better treatment plan I had my lap last year and found aheadions on the pouch of Douglas and endo in my womb my treatment is pain relief which I hate taking as leaves me pretty out of it they sugessted zoladex injections but I looked at all the side affects and decided not to but hope that they manage to help u and hope you get better soon


very frustrating. I'm so sorry dear

Don't give up, your way to parenthood may be hard but If you really want it it will happen.

I'm a mother of wonderful baby girl who was born with the help of surrogate mother in Ukrainian clinic. We tried for a baby for many years when doctor only repeat to me - just keep trying. I knew something was wrong I was in pain, my period wasn't regular. I have same problem as you do. I just hope yours not as bad as mine!

I wish you all the best honey!


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