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Work worries

Hey everyone,

I was just looking for a bit of advice and support. I started a new job in February and since then have had to be off sick 3 times because of really bad pain flair ups. Then today I've been being sick and had to go home again. My manager has been really lovely so far and very supportive but I have not even been there 2 months and I'm worried she's going to start getting annoyed. I'm really embarrassed that this has all happened because I am normally a really good worker. I work for the NHS so I have been referred to occupational health. I just wondered if any of you ladies have had any experience of people getting angry and annoyed at you over sick days? It's really starting to drag me down and that makes it harder for me to cope anyway.

Any Advice?



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Hi there, I completely understand your worries. I started a new job in November and have been signed off for two weeks (the nature of my work is quite significant to need to be off) but they have been brilliant. I was so concerned but I spoke to my manager and completely filled her in, I found that just explaining the issues and maybe even pointing them in the direction of looking up endo themselves will help. Just ask for a meeting and be completely honest, that way they'll appreciate your approach and it's great you're seeing occupational health. If they have referred you there then it means they'll be very good, especially if it's chronic and resulting in long time off - I've found that they don't tend to mind as much when it's for the same issue, if you were off one day with a cold, another with a headache etc... But this is an on going condition so they'll understand that. Just be completely open and express your concerns, but don't worry too much, it's bad enough you're having pain and things! Wishing you well X


Hi, I work for the NHS too and I too had to go see occupational health after my lap. They were really supportive and asked if there was anything they could change at work to help. At the time I was fairly well and said no but over the last 6 months I have had time off most months so I am going to re-refer my self. My manager hasn't said anything about my increased sickness as I haven't triggered my Bradford score - this is rolling over 12 months so you may not hit the score needed. Hoping your app with occupational health goes like mine did xx


I've been working since my diagnosis at 18 I am 40 now I have severe Endo and have always needed time off I have reasonable adjustments in place now to help with my absence every month it's hard but keep on pushing through occy health should be supportive too they have been for me I also work In the NHS good luck best wishes Rachel X


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