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Endometriosis, pelvic adhesions

Hello, I Was diagnosed with endometriosis 11 years ago and had my 6th laparoscopy in Dec 15. I thought the last op would be to clear up the endo again but they found no active endometriosis this time but did find extensive pelvic adhesions and pelvic congestion syndrome. I've not been told anything much about either and researched it but doesn't really give a great deal of info. Has anyone else been diagnosed with this? Just want to know if it's something else I now have to wait to come back and if it's frequent like endo is. My doctor turned round and said they don't know much about pelvic congestion syndrome and nothing was done about this particular thing at the time I had my last op. I'm getting pins and needles down my right side now so wondered if that was linked. Any info would be helpful thank you :)

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I assume you have so far been treated in general gynaecology? To have had 6 laps and be told there is no active endo suggests they are missing it. Endo can be beneath the peritoneum and not even seen at a lap. The adhesions may have been caused by all the surgeries and/or by continuing endo. Pelvic congestion syndrome is varicose veins in the pelvis. I think you need to be seen by someone with more expertise who can look at you as a whole. Where are you in the UK?


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