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More liver woes

Hello ladies,

I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on my current problem? A couple of weeks ago I put a question on here as after some blood tests my liver enzymes were raised. I had another blood test and the level was even higher but only on one group of enzymes which my GP said was unusual and may be due to a viral infection.

I am being sent for a scan soon to see if there is anything visible but I was wondering whether anybody had a similar problem that was linked to endo?

I am not a drinker (possibly a bottle of wine on a special occasion/every couple of months and nothing in the week), I do take prescription drugs and I am on a few at the moment but I have only been on tem a few months and feel that it should have taken longer than that to cause any damage.

I am hoping it is something and nothing but as with anything NHS the waiting is the worst part as I am clueless as to what is causing the problem and concerned it might be something sinister.

My GP also took bloods to check for Hepatitis but they are yet to come back but currently not showing any symptoms of liver damage.

Thanks in advance

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I don't have any answers, but I'm interested to see if anyone else does! I've had weirdly elevated liver enzymes a couple of times in my life, but my liver seems healthy enough and I'm also not a big drinker, no hepatitis etc. It'd be good to know if it can be connected to endo, that'd be another of my medical mysteries solved! I hope you get some answers - it can happen without there being any massive problem, it's always been quite transient with me and I'm fine at the moment.

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Hi, I has the same last year , liver enzymes were elevated, had repeated blood tests , every other week for a couple of months and they all came elevated. I was actually sent to a liver specialist and my scan showed a spot of fat in the liver but the specialist was not concerned at all. He was not very helpful explaining the reason but said it might be the pain medication. I did a bit of reading on this afterwards and some painkillers, in particular antinflamatories can cause liver enzymes to be elevated. I had a lap shortly after and repeated the blood test a few month later when I was not on painkillers any more and they came back normal. If you need the painkillers it might be wise to try another type as they not all have the same effects xxxx try not to worry too much about it xxx

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