Awaiting laproscopy

Hi am 42 years old and have been off work for the last 3 months due to Endo pains!.am awaiting a laproscopy but I keep reading about these Endo specialist clinics and specialist gynaecologist that are specially trained to deal with Endo. How do I get referred and do I have to wait for my first laparoscopy to give me a definite diagnosis??.am so confused??.

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  • Your gp should be able to refer you. Click on lindle's name and read her posts. They tell you how to find your nearest centre.

  • Hi, the nearest Endo centre to me is Pinderfields as I live near Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

  • Hi - you have access to a lot of centres up there. Can you click my name and send me a private message (top right of page) and I'll get back in a day or two. x

  • Hi - treatment options vary depending on where you are in the UK. what area are you in?

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