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Ovaries attached to bowel

Hello. I've suffered with endometriosis for about 20 years now. Took a long time to diagnose and when they did the cyst was the size of a melon. I have, in total, had 3 laparoscopic operations and an ectopic pregnancy and one tube removed. I have just been told that my endometriosis has attached my ovaries to my bowel. Has anyone else had this and what operation did you have? I have two children and am now 44 so will not be having any further children. I also have adenomyosis. Any advise would be greatly received. Thank you x

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Hi - as you probably know the only cure for adenomyosis is a hysterectomy but it sounds as though you have ongoing unresolved endo. If you do have a hysterectomy it will be very important that all you endo is excised by a specialist rather that the general gynaecologists that you have presumably been seeing. Can you click on my name and read my post on Pouch of Douglas endo and the one on how to find a specialist centre. PM me if you need help.


Thank you Lindle. I am seeing a specialist on 22nd July to discuss all my options with the endometriosis and the adenomyosis. I am worried about the bowel being involved and hadn't heard of this before. Luckily my pouch of Douglas is free from any endometriosis x


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