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Finding something to do

Finding something to do

Hi all. Just thought I'd give you all an update,

Well ive lost 2 jobs in the last 9 months due to my pain, been diagnosed with Endo excised from behind uterus and ligament and adenomyosis, ive just got date for hysterectomy 18th July,

So I'm sitting at home alone a lot of the time, bored bored bored

So I decided to start by own business, I'm making handmade gift craft frames for all occasions, ive put them on a Facebook page, Straight from the heart, and am selling/making them at a slow rate, it's really helping me get through this horrid time of my life, just doing something for an hour a day,

Here is an example, I'm not trying to sell any through this site, just letting you all no, that finding something to do that you enjoy and can do gentle amounts off, might help you too,

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Why their has gone upside down I don't no, lol


Aw that looks really pretty. I'm glad that you have found something you are able to do from home xx


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