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can my daughter be suffering?

I have had severe endometriosis and was diagnosed after 9 yrs aged 22. I have an 11 year old daughter, who hasn't started her periods yet (my 13yr old has), but I am very concerned that she complains quite alot about abdominal pain, and yesterday had a whole day of diarrhoea and bloating and saying things like "I can't move because of the pain". I cant bear to think that she may have it too.

Is it likely that she could have endometriosis before starting to menstruate? what can I do to slow disease progression if this is the case?

many thanks

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Hi - the jury is still out on this. As endo is characterised by hormone imbalance over the menstrual cycle and is an autoimmune condition triggered by as yet unknown immune and endocrine processes, my personal view is that it is unlikely to be possible before puberty when the ovaries start their oestrogen production. But clearly your daughter is predisposed genetically as autoimmune conditions run in families (and might be any number of different ones in different family members). If she were to go to her GP she is likely to be diagnosed with IBS which is almost always present with endo due to associated inflammation and hormonal links. Allergies and intolerance (including to food) are all characteristic of endo and other autoimmunity and implicated in IBS. So as she approaches puberty she might be developing the intolerances that often precede it. I had severe hay fever first then severe chemical sensitivity to some medications but was on the pill and had no period problems. It wasn't until I stopped the pill after 12 years that my endo was triggered and with it severe allergy to oestrogen. On reading posts on here I read so many stories of endo being triggered when the pill is stopped.

My advice would be to have a thorough allergy and intolerance screening done on her so you can do your best to have those treated and/or make lifestyle choices to avoid them and get her immune system is the best shape before her periods start. This would be more thorough privately. She needs to take care of her diet and try to cut out all processed foods and chemicals generally and eat lots of antioxidants. Also at the first sign of any thrush this must be treated promptly as it is strongly linked with the severity of allergies and immune responses.

Then when her periods start I suggest she might consider a natural hormone balancer called Agnus castus that mimics the birth control pill which might well prevent endo before it starts.

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