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Tired of all these symptoms!

Hi Ladies,

I'm not sure what I'm looking for with this post, I just feel very emotional today!

I don't know anyone else that has endometriosis so I feel that no matter how hard my parter and family try, they just don't quite understand.

I am currently awaiting my second Laparoscopy due to my endometriosis. I also have a retroverted womb and adenomyosis.

I just feel that at 21 years old I cant live a normal life anymore. I cant have sex anymore, I constantly need a wee and it hurts when I do (which means I have to go as soon as I need a wee.... very awkward at work and in university lectures! nevermind the cinema or car trips!). It feels like I'm in constant pain - and its not easy to tell people when or why you're in pain! All this leads to me feeling a bit bleak sometimes as this is my life now, it will never go away and I always worry about whether I'll have kids or not (I'd love to one day but I don't want to rush the decision... or not rush and regret it!).

It's really cheered me up to see such a great support network of people with the same problems as me!

It seems to me that endometriosis is such a horrible illness that effects so many women, and yet not many other people know enough about it!

Anyway... enough moaning, I'm not alone!

Thank you all for posting things for me to read and not feel so alone!

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Hi Lovely .

Sorry to hear that you are feeling down. I completely understand why you feel that people don't understand, there isn't enough publicity about Endo the amount of people who have Looked at me and asked what is endo is unbelievable.

I have only recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis I had been in chronic pain for a year and a half, I tool me so long to get referred because even the Gp had no idea that my symptoms matched endo, I finally got referred when I changed Gp and straight away she suspected endo I got my referal and I have endo and Adenomyosis.

I have been off work for a year because I just can't function with this pain yet I know people look and think oh she looks ago I feel like shouting I'm far from ago.

I understand it's gets difficult with a partner and the sex issue because it hurts us we are reluctant to do it, I hope you have got someone who tries to understand I know it must be tough for them too.

I agree it is awful illness because it takes over your life and there is no cure, you go round and round in circles.

You aren't alone the lovely I hear you.

If you ever need someone to talk to just message xx

Jo x

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You poor thing, life is defo hard work sometimes isn't it, and at your age you certainly shouldn't be having to deal with this,

I have just been diagnosed with the same, endo adeno and rectroverted wobm, so I can relate regarding the pain, I'm 40 and have 3sons.

You say your waiting fir a second lap, are you being seen by a endo specialist,?

If you ever need to talk Please feel free.



So sorry to hear you are not feeling so great. I completely know what you mean about people not truly understanding. It can make you feel very frustrated/sad. Have you ever considered talking therapies? I think some people have found that useful when they are dealing with a chronic pain condition and all the emotions that come with it as I think they teach you how to think differently and cope better when things seem difficult. Hope you feel better soon xx


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