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Endo and walking....and dance

Just wondered if anyone else experiences a lot of pelvic pain after rushing about/walking like me? I start a walk to get bits and pieces done during my lunch hour (only about a 5 minute walk to the shops from the office) but by the time I get back to my desk, I'm suffering very bad pelvic pain. I was really hoping to start attending a Zumba class in my town (bearing in mind I used to teach prior to diagnosis but not in the last 2 years) but now I am wondering if my body will allow me to do without chronic pain after.

Does anyone else find these symptoms aggrevated after walking for short lengths of time, or even found it impossible to do any exercise classes?

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Hi yes.

Had surgery two weeks ago - even a walk to the park hurts afterwards and feel shattered. Suspect just recovery time needed


Before my last surgery I had stopped exercising, it was agony afterwards :( That included just walking too or standing for long periods of time :(


Yes, I do. I love going for walks on my local trail. I would be out there for an hour or longer. I could do 3 miles in about 45 minutes, rough terrain. I have trouble walking at the store now if it's a consistent walk. :( I have to both walk and sit at my job, thankfully. But when we are mega busy, I start to hurt pretty badly from all that movement.

I think the reason for the pain is that our muscles are moving against all the endo spots and creating friction on them. Like when you walk and have a heel blister.


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