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Has endo returned ? After op last year

Hi ladies , i had an op last year and had cyst ,ovary and tube removed , all went well , no further adhesions reported , and no other organs affected that surgeon could ascertain , im sure i have endo in by bowel though , im 54 , periods now irregular , terrible aches and pains in joints , legs and back , no other symptoms though , and im fairly fit and healthy , whats going on , now getting regular pain at site of op ! It as bad as it did before the op ? , dont know whether its the menopause , , has endo returned ! I was offered zoladex but declined , advice would be much appreciated , what to do now?

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Hi there. I had endo removed and mine started coming back straight away. I've had to have mine lasered twice but also have it again due to pain. Waiting to see my consultant in aug in the meantime I'm on prostap injection (same/similar to zoladex) the prostap has helped give some relief I've managed to cut down painkillers but I'm still not pain free. I also get aches pains in joints,pelvis,left hand side and back pain. Hope you get some answers and good luck


Thanks for your info its much appreciated ,


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