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When I see the specialist what should I expect?

I asked my doctor if they would give me a pelvic exam, she said that they would only do that if I was comfortable with it. Well, I'm not! But is that what they do? I'm just not sure what to expect from the appointment. Will we just talk about my symptoms, or do they want to see if they can feel anything? :p If they think it might be endo will that lead to an appointment for surgery? I'm just nervous right now, even though I'm having trouble getting a referral let alone when the appointment actually comes around ;-)

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Sorry to hear of your concerns. They are understandable. Do you have a support person who can come along your appointments with you?

The process to diagnose endo is explained on our website nzendo.org.nz/about-endomet... You will also find information about the surgery etc. here.


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Hi yes my mum will come along. I've read your website several times and shown my parents the videos. They were very helpful!