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Hello, I am 73 and suffer from M.E/CFS which means I cannot exercise much as It causes even more fatigue. I live on my own and have lost all the so-called friends I used to have before my illness started.

I have too much time to think and this does me no good at all.

I would love to have new friends to visit or meet up for coffee etc.

Please feel free to contact me if you are lonely too.

PS this photo was taken about 7 yrs ago.

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I have had ME since 1972. My bizarre symptoms means that even my closest family do not believe I am ill. They believe I am making most of my symptoms up to gain sympathy.

It is very difficult to manage and when your doctors don't believe you either , then I am left 24/7 lying in bed. I have studied my illness and I have a very good idea on how to make my life better. But all my doctors will not except what is written in The Hummingbirds` Foundation for ME or the ME Assosiation. /or my 25% group. They are inclined to believe in the USA `s psychiatric version, with GET and CBT. This have been proven to fail and help to kill people of. I take ATP as the main problem is an artificial but very real heart failure due to a lack of Mitochondria (energy ). I am very aware of not overdoing it and causing my own death. If you have not read or don't understand the prognosis involving the heart, then it is essential that you do. I have been diagnosed by 3 doctors. But even charities, as large as they may be, cannot convince the NHS to invest in ME. There is no such disease as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This was a totally spurious illness invented by

the United States to avoid paying sickness benefit and letting Health Insurance companies

off the hook. That could have bankcrupted many massive companies in the States. Read the Hummingbirds Foundation for proof of this. Please get back to me if you want more information on ME. There are several discussion groups on Facebook, with loads of information and even get -togethers and marches/ many forms to sign to force the government to act. They have known about ME since its large breakout in Iceland in the 1920s to the 1930s. It used to be called the Iceland disease/and or a type of POLIO. The illness itself is very similar to MS and caused by a brain disease in it`s beginnings.

Regards Mit J Street (leamington Spa )

Hello to you Lonely,

How horrid it is to find our lives in such disarray; furthermore, the loss of our “friends”, whilst coming to terms with the loss of our health and well being.

I live in Australia “Lonely”, in a county town, my family too are distant with regard to my illness.

I was officially diagnosed with ME, 4 years ago. Sadly, as an older women (now 62), accompanying illness are just that.

I was and still do try to work Lonely. I am an RN with speciality in Mental Health. I was studying my Masters. Have taken Leave of Abscence.

I must say, until I commenced my own research into ME, I was one of the sceptics!! How horrid I feel about this now.

‘Tis a journey.

To meet and have a coffee, how marvellous this would be.

I do pray you catch up with a delightful person whom you can share your story with, truly not endure such horrid loneliness.

This I know only too well.

I do not know how to connect via our personal email from this site, I would be very happy to share same.

Thoughts of wellness and happiness are sent your way.

PR, from Down Under.

Hi, ME/CFS is such an isolating illness isn't it. I have sent a one to one message, I think I have, my tech skills are not great! Have the best day you can.

Hi Kath my name is Wendy and I live on the Isle of Wight, I have had me since 1986 when I was 33. I know how it feels when all your friends disappear when you can't go out and socialise as normal. Where abouts do you live, on the mainland.

Hi xkathx!! Yes,it's a lonely life with m.e I have to admit. I'm fortunate to have friends still but am too ill to see anybody.I've been bedridden for 5 years and rarely have good days.this is one.so most days I'm a lump of thinking lard barely able to move who's incredibly frustrated,alone,silent and in darkness. I keep in touch with friends via text mainly as I've got no energy to talk. On a good day I can email. I'd love to befriend you and chat as I do understand your situation but the only way possible for me would be email or texting with the occasional chat in between. I can recommend doing things such as mindfulness be it m.colouring or learning how to become mindful. This would help your mind relax a little and wile away some of the long lonely days. Have you seen scratch drawings? Another mindful hobby. I've plenty of knowledge 're cfs/m.e which may even help you!!!!!! Be nice to chat even via email though technologically I'm not overbright. Have a think about it anyway love. Will send email address should you wish to contact me Karen Lynne


Hello Kath,

Couldn’t agree with you more, this is a lonely, isolating condition. I have had ME for many, many, years. Thankfully I have loving family and understanding husband, but still feel like I have no life. If you forward on your e mail Kath I would love to correspond with you. Cathy xx

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