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Cfs at young age

Hello everyone, I'm 19 years old and I got told I had cfs at the age of 14, we found it by having pains right down my legs then moved though out my body and couldn't use my hands, but that pass after 2 days and didn't have nothing for a year after that apart from sleeping tables. Once I turn 18 my pains in my legs came back and now I get them like every 2-3 weeks, all I do is sleep though it though with the worse head ace. Also having to go for a medical every 6 months is no fun with all the blood check. Also my memory is getting worse and worse to the point where I can tell someone the same thing 3 times a day as I forgot I told them.

But does anyone else out there feel like no one understands this illness, people thinking your faking it and everyone else thinking your a lazy person. No one else in my town has this illness so how do you explain it with people getting bored and understanding??

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you could recommend they watch j brea film unrest on net flix a lot of people with m e rate it . if you really want to improve your knowledge of this disease . or just communicate with other sufferers you can try the phoenix rising site or mescience site they both have lots of relevant info and supportive threads .


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