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Pip Assessment

Hi everyone, I got the dreaded letter this morning .

To explain more .

I claimed Pip less than 2 years ago , I had a gruelling assessment which my husband took me to .

I was awarded Pip at the higher rate for both care and getting around. I was very fortunate after reading the many reports of other people being refused.

I was only given it till November 2018 , so that was approximately 2 and half years. In November last year I received a form asking me to fill in about my illness , if anything had changed etc. Which I did and returned , leaving me worried sick over Christmas.

I received a letter 2 weeks ago saying that I may have to have an assessment.

Low and behold the letter came today and I have to go next week . The day after my birthday I might add.

It isn’t even 2 years since my last assessment.

To be perfectly honest I really don’t feel up to it . I suffer terrible anxiety and depression, alongside my CFS & Fibro.

How I’ve felt lately this is the last straw.

I understand that they have to do these assessments , in some cases it is for the better.

But to do them so often is a living nightmare.

I’ve had a job to get through the door lately , I hardly speak to anyone , the only thing keeping me going lately is reading posts on here and knowing it’s not just me living like this .

We have to battle this illness and battle the government to help us , whether it’s getting the right help from the Nhs or financial help via PIP.

We have to wait for the window of opportunity when we feel well enough to fight , which are rare occasions.

I don’t know whether anyone else is being reassessed. I’m curious to know .

I’m just going to have to try and keep myself sane until next week .

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Hi Scoobydoo87

I've had pvfs for nearly four months now in what appears to be in the same severity as yours. At worst bed bound at best half an hour's worth of activity before crashing.

I've not dealt with Pip yet, but I have dealt with government systems before regarding ill health support. The only way I coped with it was to allocate time to it, do the forms and then put it in a mental box and shelve it. Bring it out at the next hurdle, deal with it and put it back in that mental box and shelve it. Do not take anything personal. Stay strong. The worry won't help. The over thinking won't help. You don't have enough energy to spare for worrying or over thinking. Just take it to the end. Make it clear at the beginning you are not a weak person you are an ill one. Make sure they know you are prepared to go all the way to tribunal to get your PIP payments. It's not right what they are doing to people who are so sick, but with a condition like ours it is one some fraudsters might decide they can use to get disability payments. This is why you shouldn't take it personal. They have your application and it looks no different probably from the not so genuine claims. I believe that is why so many with 'invisible illnesses' end up in front of a tribunal panel. I don't know about you, but I look seriously ill and pale with this condition so this maybe why so many genuine people win at tribunal in the end.

Hope this helps in some way.

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Thanks for your kind words , really does help .

I laid awake last night ( nothing new for me ) going over in my head how best to deal with it . I realised it’s pointless letting it get to me so much. I can only be me , I have an illness I cannot change and I don’t understand it never mind anyone else .

I got through it last time , I’ll do it again.

I must admit I haven’t looked well lately , I have eczema type patches that appeared on my face 12 months ago , which have got bigger , just been referred to dermatologist , Gp prescribed 4 different creams , nothing works .

It really doesn’t do much for my complexion .

As well as looking awful it itches like mad.

Just another ailment to add to my list.

Although this one is visible.

I’ll keep you posted on the outcome .

Thankyou , much appreciated. X


hi scoobydoo87, you do not need to do their bidding!!! insist on a home visit! we did,i can hardly walk,i had a really bad case of guillane barre syndrome over 20 years ago and i had 3 dvts in my left leg just over 3 years ago,we were dreading claiming pip,we had such a struggle to get dla! my wife filled in their 40 odd page book causing a lot of distress to me,making me relive those terrible times.after a few false starts(the guy who visits was on the sick! ) we eventually got our visit.he was really nice,i suppose he could not be nasty as my wife would have kicked his head in (only a joke! )you could have knocked us over with a feather when a letter came telling us we had been awarded the full rate of pip for both care and mobility!! so request a visit!! never ever tell them about your odd good days,if you ever get any! you have a little gem in your husband as i do in my wife,even if he knows it....tell him how much you love him and his understanding of your terrible conditions. i cannot offer you a magic solution,i wish i could!, but i can offer you understanding and sincerity,never be afraid to contact health unlocked as i and countless others will always respond.god bless you and your husband!!


Hi , I’d never thought about asking for a home visit, I just panic and do as they say.

I do have odd good days , not many .

I always plan round every day being a bad day. That way anything better is a bonus .

It’s hard enough preparing yourself for these assessments and that’s before you get there.

I’m going to consider asking for a home visit , it might take some of the strain and worry away.

It’s unfair the way we’re made to feel with these assessments. Life’s tough enough.

It’s great to know there’s people out there like yourself, offering kind words and support.

Thank you X


hi scoobydoo87,any time you are sad or worried write it down and send it to health unlocked.i cannot do miracles but i will try and help and advise you in my limited capacity .please do consider a home visit,you are obviously not well enough to go to them,let them come to you!!!!! remember they are supposed to be the healthy ones not you! god bless!


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