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Get Well Soon

Hello all. I’ve had fatigue for a few years now, and spent a long time trying desperately to get better while navigating all the controversy online over the condition. I hope I’m not breaching etiquette here - I’ve not posted before - but I wanted to say that I’ve just written a book on my experiences about the treatments I underwent, and how I began the process of getting better. I wrote it simply because I wanted to help those going through what I went through. I do hope it might be useful. Here is a link to the book amazon.co.uk/Get-Well-Soon-... , and also to my website nickduerden.co.uk/ . I wish you all the very best.

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Yes, couldn’t agree more, and my own fatigue has been compounded by ongoing digestive issues that is all part, I presume, of an autoimmune illness. For me, though, embarking upon a series of alternative health treatments - which, incidentally, was considerably limited by what I could afford (which wasn’t much) - helped me deal with the psychological fallout. I didn’t start seeking alternative treatments until three years into my diagnosis, at which point things felt pretty bleak. What I didn’t fully realise until it was pointed out to me was that this merely made things even worse for me. The more I managed to control my psychological response, the better I seemed to get. It’s worth pointing out that this took me by surprise, as by that stage I felt fairly convinced that I wasn’t going to get any better at all. Also, being surrounded by people who had improved, or at least were improving, was very inspiring.


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