Optimum health Clinic for chronic fatigue syndrome

I was diaongones this summer with crunch fatigue after two years of Beeing really ill

Have been picked up by my local chronic fatigue team in St Albans but they can’t start treating me till the end of January..... I need some help ASAP as I can’t wait till January with he state I am in

I came across the optimum Health Clinic in London and was wondering Ifanyone had been there and if it’s worth the money

Many thanks


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I have chronic fatigue and like my dr says there is no cure but some things may help just ask your drs opinion first lots jump on band wagon miracle cure expensive cures that don't work and can cause other issues please ask drs advice

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No such thing as CFS your docs ought to know that. But there is an awful lot of generic ignorance with both the term and made up definition.. USA construct to deny Insurance claims on M.E. You need to look at natural cures to auto immune illness, if thats what you have...Most info on M.E and CFS is a complete nonesens in the UK. and in the USA. You havent been diagnosed via clinical or medical enquiry and you wont be.....under the NHS you have a mental health illness..so they taking the perverbial.... thats just the way it is. They simply do not treat and have no meds for CFS..that should tell you evrything you need to know. Take a look at the Hummingbird Foundation its the most complete and accurate reference. Dr Byron Hyde is their advisor and he hjas to be the longest serving expert on the planet. He is actually English from up Cumbria way but for obvious reasons doesnt work for the NHS due to their generic neglect and misinformation on all things related to M.E.

The majority of all (diagnosis)..no.....guess work are totally incorrect due to their ignorance of the whole subject.

If they suggest exercise and or CBT ..tell em to take a very long jump off a very short pier.

Nothing is more damaging to the real illness.

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Wow. Call me controversial but I’m not convinced your reply is supportive! I have ME/CFS (one and the same) but unfortunately for us, perception / ignorance is we all have mental health issues. Categorically wrong. I’m not going to go into my circumstances on this forum as this isn’t about me but suggest if you can’t be supportive then don’t answer.

Brenda - to be diagnosed with ME/CFS you will go through a series of tests and be diagnosed by exclusion. There is no set test for this condition unfortunately. Once you have been referred on you will speak to a specialist to understand your symptoms. They will and can only look at alternative remedies as there is no medication for this. They look at Mindfulness courses which is Cognative Behavioural Therapy which helps you ‘cope’ with the symptoms.

My best advice now is to sit tight. It will have taken time to get to the point of an appointment, it really won’t be long now. Pace yourself and conserve energy, if you can so something sitting instead of standing then do it (ironing?).

If you are trying to work and you get paid sick leave I would consider taking time away. I was off for 6 months having never been off in 15yrs. Please don’t think your referral will be the answer, it’s only the beginning of a long road.



The mental health construct isnt mine my dear, it NHS policy. You need to understand that to help understand why you wont get the correct help.....so by all means disagree but look at their policies before you take an abrupt asssault on accuracy. And I do not give bad or unhelpful advise.its accurate advise based on the facts of NHS ignorance. And there is indeed many many meds that would help......The main responses to the virus is like any other auto immune. I can list a myriad of meds. Thge point is which you dont seem to understand is they class you as mental health, not as an organic illness, an organic illness has organis solutions. So please dont insult my response with duff information. many thanks.


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