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Could I have CFS?

Hi, I am all new to this and after reading about CFS, i really think I have it. I have been to my GP and all my tests come back normal. I constantly feel tired all the time, any time of day and after sleeping, i could sleep forever and feel exhausted but also sleep for a few hours and feel the same. I have a horse and have not ridden in so long due to feeling like this. I struggle to do most things and feel like everything I do is such an effort. I also feel like no one believes me sometimes and I cant explain to people how tired I actually feel. Can I ask, how people get diagnosed with this as I am finding my GP not very helpful.

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Change your gp if you can and have you had all your blood tests done includ vitamin b levels if it's low they can inject you (extreme cases)


Try printing off some info from the Action for ME website, or the ME Association, and take it along to your doctor to discuss. Some doctor's just don't know what to do so pretend it's not happening which isn't at all helpful. Unfortunately there is no specific treatment yet, only symptom control. The only way to manage it successfully is to pace yourself which means not doing more than you can manage to do without making your symptoms worse. It's not easy I'm afraid but there's lots of helpful info on the sites I mentioned.

Good luck :-) x



This is a link to the NICE website where it gives guidance to the medical profession on diagnosing, advising, supporting and treating patients who present with CFS/ME symptoms. It'll show you what they should be doing and how so you can work out where you can apply pressure.

Keep strong, I had to go through loads and loads of tests before they finally decided it was ME. They are obliged to rule everything else out first! So you may have a long road ahead of you but refer to the NICE guidelines and stand your ground, don't be put off! There is definitely help and support out there and if you are lucky, like I was, you'll eventually find a doctor who cares and believes. I find that even now some friends and family don't really get why I can't travel ( being driven, I can't drive now) 2 hours for my father's 80th. They don't get why I can't talk on the phone for an hour, we just ten minutes makes my headaches worse or brings them on! Friends don't get why just getting dressed up for the evening reception to a friend's wedding and then sitting for an hour whilst everyone else drinks, chats and dances is just too much and I need to go home after that your! You may find that you have less real friends than you though, but some others may pleasantly surprise you! Be strong, once you get a diagnosis for whatever it is that is ailing you, you can start to work out how to deal with it. xx


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