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Hello everyone,

My GP might be diagnosing me with CFS as all my tests are coming back normal since November. I am worried about the changes I will need to make to my lifestyle and I am unsure how I can be supported at work. I am a nurse therefore a very fast paced job. I was wondering what support/changes people have in the workplace which helps them deal with the exhaustion?

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Hi Onlyme, sorry you are struggling. Are you in a union? Has your boss arranged an appt with occy health for you? I have special adjustments for me following OH assessment, I can work from home where possible so I can sleep at lunchtimes or work in my PJs on bad days. I know you can't wfh but can you change shift patterns to suit your sleep needs? Longer lunch break with access to a bed? Work day shift only if energy worsens during day for example? Try to eat regularly to keep blood sugar stable as that might help too. Good luck.

Hi, thank you for your reply. Yes I have seen occupational health several times as I am currently off sick. I work on a busy ward so taking naps/ regular rests would not be easily accommodated to I think.. due to our job role and such a fast paced environment I am struggling to see how I can be helped unless I drop my hours which financially I'm not sure I can afford.

Your job role sounds very interesting and glad work have been able to help you :)

Thanks, make sure you're in a union, that's imperative so they don't drop your hours against your will. I thought it was classed as disability so they couldn't do stuff like that to you, but you need to get your facts for your particular circumstances. Good luck onlyme, hope things work out ok

Hi, yes I got my union involved as I had a sickness meeting with ward manager. He did mention in the meeting it does come under the disability act.

Thank you for your advise :)

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