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CFS/ME dropping working hours and financial help

Hi, whilst I've been diagnosed with ME since late 2015 and reduced my working hours by 1 day. I found this still to much and just got my employer to agree to reduce my hours to part time.

I am the sole earner in my household as my partner had to give up his job to ensure I made it to work and to do all the housework.

Is there any finance help that I may be entitled to as I am unaware what is out there because of working all my adult life. Thanks

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Are you a uk resident? If so, You should be entitled to some form of PIP (Personal independence payment) depending on the severity of your condition. This really is not about employment etc and is more focused on your caring needs as well as both your physical and mental limitations. Remember, before you answer each question on the form, think about this....does it cause pain? Can you do it repeatedly? Does it cause you distress? If you answer yes,No,,yes to any question, then You should score points. Get as much medical evidence as possible and a written statement from your GP, stating how your illness affects you. Always think of your worse days when answering a question and don't try to sugar coat it.

If you're successful with your claim, your husband should be eligible for carers allowance.

Working/child tax credit should also be explored.

All of these can be found on government website.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you it does help


If you apply for PIP make sure you get help to complete the forms. CAB should help and their website gives advice on completing form as well.

Forms are done with aim to NOT provide benefit so assistance to complete is a must.

Also could join benefits and work website. Cost £19.99 per year. Get lots of info about how to complete forms and what to do if turned down.

I have M.E and other conditions which result in part time work as well. The money I get from PIP assists with bills as well as paying for equipment I need.


Thank you for this advise


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