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Hi there all ! I have been on this site before but never to introduce myself. I am a 66 year old man. But do not get me wrong, I am so young at heart you just would not believe it. After private schooling all my life I trained as a Hotel Manager and then moved to Grand Metropolitan Hotels designing company restaurants. However it 1971 returning to work I was hit by a stolen car, badly beaten up and this led to a nervous breakdown caused by post traumatic shock ( I was hit at 100mph ) Lucky to be alive, then came deep depression for about 30 years. So much occurred during that time, got married and have a daughter, and 3 grandchildren. Then One day I woke up in agony. ME, but took two years to diagnose.

The disease has progressed and I am now bedridden. I take Morphine for the pain and many other drugs and supplements

I love science, and am now trying to understand quantum physics. Also I am doing research into the big bang and super gravity. I also love rock music and have just finished my 500 watt hifi system. I would love to turn it right up, but I am sure the windows would go !!

I am also extremely into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Having spent 2 years in bed, I have plenty of time to read sites concerning ME. I have read a great deal about this awful disease, and studied many theories on where it comes from , and possible cures. I now am convinced that a virus causes ME and there is damage to the brain, which affects the production of mitochondria, and many other bodily functions. It has great similarities with MS and in the early stages seems to mimic Polio.

What we have to stamp out especially for our American friends is this ridiculous idea that a disease called Chronic Fatigue exists. It is total rubbish. Fatigue is present in many diseases, as a symptom and only as a symptom, like a sneeze, or a cough. Ever heard anyone say `I suffer from sneeze `

Also, so very little money is invested in research for ME. Unlike AIDS we cannot march down Downing Street, and demand help. WE ARE TOO ILL.

Anyway, I intend to help anyone with ME and diagnosis whoever they may be. Just get in touch !

Thanks........M J Street.

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Hello! we are in Wales, near Cardiff and run MESiG, ME support in Glamorgan. Whereabouts are you? There is a petition at present to the Government re more research for ME along the lines you say. Could send you the petition to sign, if I had your email address.




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