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Vote for ME/FM research

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all as well as can be. In Canada there is a research project that is competing for funding from the Aviva Community Fund. You can get to it from this link avivacommunityfund.org/idea... Before you can vote you need to register which is very easy. You get one vote every day from now til it closes. There are 17 days left. The project is in 2nd place today (Oct 12th) so needs all tyhe votes it can get to win. Please vote and bedger everyone you know to join in. Maybe put on Facebook if you are a member.

Love to all :-)

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Thanks ME65, hope you are ok today.

Done that. It took a bit of searching to find the right project to vote for but if you put

Advancing Research-Myalgic Encephalomyelitis & Fibromyalgia

into the search box you should find it. I have also posted to FB as suggested.

Let's hope it works :)

PS. Sadly I have just noticed that it has dropped down to 7th place so please get voting folks.

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Thank you for the link. I have voted.

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