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Confused with this illness

Hi guys, sorry to be all doom and gloom again but I am completely fed up of having this stupid no curable illness :( yes don't get me wrong I have my good days which I am grateful for I just find this makes the bad days even more harder to deal with. Take yesterday for example, I felt really good, refreshed and only slight body aches ,I was able to have a good day at work and actually felt ok. Then last night I couldn't sleep from 2am for God knows what reasons this time. Yes I was having ache troubles in my back but I always do. Got up and went downstairs after an hour of counting sheep which significantly failed. Managed to pack myself up with pillows and blankets and chilled until 7am watching TV. All this time I was feeling shattered but my body would not allow me to sleep?! Managed to get myself back to bed and slept from 7.30ish until 12. Although when I woke up my body just did not want to function at all. I find days like this so hard as I'm not actually in pain it's just even the slightest thing like walking the stairs or making a drink tire me out. I'm currently in the bath trying to soak my muscles and hoping to be able to atleast find the energy to get ready today. I will admit I am not coping very well with this illness and just struggle to know What to do for the best some days.

I know talking to you guys helps so just wanted to express my feelings and niggles at the min.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Stace x

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Sorry to be doom and gloom but it sounds to me like you are boom and busting. Doing too much when you feel good and then this hits later causing all the problems you are listing. I have what I call 3 day lag - the effects of my day don't hit until 3 days later. I could never understand what was causing my bad days until I finally saw this pattern (20 years later I finally found out what the science behind this was!) I know it is treally hard to do less when you feel good but it is worth it in the end, especially if you haven't had it long.


Listen to your body rest when you need to it sounds like you are overdoing It.

The fatigue is the worst make sure you are eating healthy processed foods make the fatigue worse.. Dairy and gluten can be a problem too even just try switch to Alpro soya for a week see if it helps :):)

Dairy -- causes nausea and stomach upset in most people with M.E

Gluten -- Can make you feel sluggish worsen fatigue more than usual

It's hard going trying to balance your energy you've already found one thing that works I sometimes need a good bath soak too for energy with some Epson salts and massage a nice body scrub gently to waken my muscles.. Give yourself time to rest afterwards too.

Rest is key !! Rest before you get to that point of extreme fatigue

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I think that my mum has CFS from reading the symptoms of the illness. She is asleep all the time and when she does get up it is only got a short period of time and then she is asleep again. However, some nights she complains that she can't get to sleep until early hours in the morning. This all spiraled from when her partner died and she got depression. She is still in the depression phase and I feel that she has gained CFS from this state.

Just wanted some advise on where she should go to get help. Or if this doesn't sound as if she has CFS, if you have an suggestions as to what it could be.

Many thanks,



Hi Stace

I can relate to you I get my good days and bad days.On my good days I will try to go to school yet I then spend at least 2-3 days recovering from one active day!My bad days are so difficult usually spend most of the day in bed trying to recover.I find this illness very restraining.

Hope your having a good day.

Heather xx


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