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Where do we go next?


I collapesed last summer after feeling really tired as if i had a bad cold or flu like symtoms, just thought it was I was working too hard. I was then told that I had just had a mild stroke. After a few days in hospital they let me go home only for the pain in my left leg and arm to come back next day. This time the hospital said no it was not a stroke but a migrane and again let me home. After a few weeks off work I returned to work but never felt really well. Was always sore esp on my left side. My strength never returned fully. I returned to work in January after 3 weeks Christams holiday for one week then work up during the night with really bad pain again. Went back to my GP and they booked me off work again for 3 weeks, but after this I still felt ill. Again the GP Booked me off for another 4 weeks and refered me back to the hospital. The hospital said this was defo not a storke but was not sure then referred me to ano doctor. After now being off work for 7 weeks this time I finally got to see someone who has now told me that he is sure it is ME/CFS I am suffering with. I find my legs dont always want to work, i loose my balance, get pain in my neck and down my spine, am tired but cant sleep, my arms feel sore all the time. I am really cold most of the time and find that I am forgetting things and sometimes cant find the word I am looking for, I slur my words and my whole body shakes (the gp said temours dont happen with me). I am an HGV driver and at the moment been told I am not allowed to work or even drive a car as I would not be safe. I feel as if I have just had my life taken away from me as I love driving.

Has anyone else been told they cant drive? or not allowed to work and what happens they wont tell us they are just saying we just have to see how things are in 6 months.

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