I live in the S.W and used to see a leading specialist re :cfs/me . Rec'd letter from Hosp saying that I don't meet the criteria anymore!!

I've had cfs/me for about 8 years and its still pretty bad. I'm virtually housebound and my husband is my carer-he's just had a double bypass! When I went to hosp the last time to see my Con, he told me I would be seen by his replacement as my symtoms are so severe and I also take alot of meds(also daiagnosed with Cluster migraine and short term memory loss.

Then I received a letter from the hospital teling me I don't meet their criteria and that from now on I would be treated by my G.P. I've got a fab G.P but he's not a specialist, I'm also very concerned that I've received a questionnarie from Jobcenterplus, they want supporting evidence and ask when I last saw my Con.

I've been left out to dry. I had a great life before this! Please advise-thank you :-)

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Hi Cottagelady

I wonder if your GP can use his influence to question the hospital's decision ? Your diagnosis from the consultant should still stand though as far as Jobcentreplus is concerned. Also your doctor could give you a letter for them explaining your situation and that you are under his care for managing your illness.

Best wishes.


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