only one kidney this is working at 33% should I be refered to specialist

Hi I wrote a short while ago asking for advice about how I get to see a specialist because I have a gfr of 35. I did go back to my gp and he arranged for an ultrasound. Ive had this and discovered that I only have 1 kidney working ant it has a gfr of 33. Should I be refered to a nephrologist now?

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My daughter has a kidney function of 40% and is being monitored by a Renal Clinic at the local hospital, so I think you should, but I don't know how the doctors in your area work. Not so sure about a tablet helping with your kidney function, but would be a good idea to see the Renal Dietician. The less work your kidneys have to do (so, no processed rubbish) the less work your kidneys have to do, so the longer your kidneys last. It also depends on why your kidney is losing its function.

I would ask to see a specialist if only to find out why and what you can do to slow down the loss of function x

Let us know how you get on.


I think you should if no joy from first then ask for a second opinion just be polite but firm. Get your dipstick done on your urine as well. Get your BP monitored regularly either by a nurse or your own monitor.

Wishing you the best of Luck xx



I discovered i had one kidney 5 yrs ago - at that time egfr was 65 and i was referred to nephrologist. Since then egfr has decreased to 25.

I would have thought you should be referred - espec if you have any risk factors for progression eg high blood pressure, proteinuria.

Demand your GP refer you.


i am sorry your egf has decreased that is a worry i am going to take your advice. thank you very much for your answer


Thanks, and good luck - hope you get the answers and advice you need.