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Tissue typing query.

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Hi everyone, quick question....I gave bloods for tissue typing about 6 months ago.

Last week I was called back for more.

I asked what was it for and was told the tissue typing could move?

Is this possible ?

Thanks to all.

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Yes, it’s normal practice to repeat the tests, our bodies change as we take in different things (food, medication, the environment etc) and our antibodies increase and decrease. Don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal. Good luck.

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Irelandy in reply to Melirm

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Puts my mind at peace.Best wishes Andy.

Quite common. Here is a description from the internet that explains it:antibody testing may be done periodically and after events, such as a pregnancy or a blood transfusion, to see if the potential recipient has developed additional HLA antibodies. Sometimes HLA antibodies develop in those who receive frequent blood or platelet transfusions. Identification and periodic monitoring of the antibodies may be necessary. HLA antibody assessment is also used post transplant to determine if the recipient has developed new or increased levels of antibodies to the donor's transplanted organ. The presence of antibodies to donor antigens, along with other assessments such as a tissue biopsy sample of the transplanted organ, may indicate that the recipient is experiencing rejection of the transplanted organ. This information is important for the doctor to assess and treat the rejection.

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Irelandy in reply to RickHow

Thank you so much for your reply. I was panicking about this but now my mind is at rest. Very much appreciated 🙏

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