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Differential kidney function results from nuclear renal scan


I had a stone blockage that was left undtreated for a long time a caused severe hydronephrosis that damaged the kidney. I have been having regular bloods and my GFR has been 44, 57, and the labs just say greater than 60 on some which I am assuming means it is normal. Only my left kidney is effected so the doctor ordered a nuclear renal scan and I have the results but I am waiting on my appointment. I had 29% in the left and 71% in right. The record says anything under 60/40 is abnormal and that the left kidney is slow to drain. Has anyone else had this test? Any ie what could be going on? I have started all the pain, nausea, and fatigue all over again about a week ago and I am about to go crazy.

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Hello, I am new on here but was looking for info on severe Hydronephrosis came across your post. I’ve had chronic kidney stones since I was 16, I’m now 48. I’ve had more surgery then I can think about and have severe scarring because of it. I was placed into pain management to deal w/chronic pain. No answers as to what causes this. It’s made my life a living hell. Recently found out I have a 1.5 CM stone stuck in the ureter and my left kidney has severe hydrphrosis. I’m scared because I don’t have an appointment until this Tuesday and PCP recommended I not go to ER but my kidney is not passing urine due to the blockage and I’m afraid as to what will happen. I can’t imagine dialysis. I’m sorry you are also going through this and I was wondering how you are doing. Do you know why you have stones? I Joined so I can hopefully get support and give support to someone through this madness. Any info you can share I would be grateful. I see your post is two months ago. I hope you are doing well. :)

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