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Fall in gfr

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Hi all. My BP has been ridiculously high for a no. of yrs now but has rec stabilised at around 140/90 with the intro of rec BP tablets/higher dosage etc) which is good for me....BUT my gfr has rec dropped to 27 having been in the mid high 40s for some time. Can't help thinking that that the additional BP tabs are causing this problem but neph does not wish to change anything hoping that things will start to plateau? Anyone else had exp of thi

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This might be helpful: kidney.org/sites/default/fi...

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Thank you!

I am sure you are aware that high bp can cause chronic kidney disease. Your bp needs to be under good control or can cause more kidney problems. I am sure your doctor is aware of the lower gfr. The most important thing is to get the bp under control for now or your kidney problems can get much worse quickly. Your kidney's vascular system is tied to your blood pressure and if it's hight?#@

My first sign of kidney disease was high bp. That was the first thing my doctor did was medication for my bp.

I am now 18+ years post transplant and nephrologist still keeps an eye on my bp.

I would suggest that you take your bp at home 2 x a day and keep written track, that way you can report back to your doctor how the increase in meds are doing. It usually takes 10-14 days for meds to start working. You can buy an inexpensive bp monitor at the drug store if you don't have one.

Good luck to you!

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Thank you!

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