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I feel quite pathetic after reading many of the posts but I'm struggling at the moment. It all started with a swollen gland in my neck and the doc deciding to do a full blood test. When the results came back it showed I was borderline type 2 diabetes (which I know I can control with diet) but more worrying a gfr rate of 65. The doc said absolutely nothing to worry about and is going to repeat the blood test on Tuesday. She said it's probably because I don't drink enough (which I don't). I'm 62 and could do with losing some weight and have been doing that as I don't really want to eat. It sounds so pathetic when I write it down when there are so many others who are really ill. Just so anxious and scared

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Hi,I think it feels like a shock sometimes doesn't it when you learn something isn't right as it should be.

However like your doctor said, you probably don't need to worry! I'm 39 years old and my egfr varies between 31-38%. I would take your doctors advice & see what happens. It looks like your doctor is going to check again. Lots of people on here can probably offer more advice but stick with a healthy diet & regular exercise & drink a bit more water. Some people see it improve!


Don't be too hard on yourself. As madenbrew said, it's scary to see something is off. Finding out you are borderline diabetic and seeing your GFR has dropped all in the same day can be a lot to take in. Others problems may be larger, but your issues are happening to you, so of course you are concerned.

The good news is, you are in early stages of diabetes and can make changes which will in turn help all your organs to function better. And, the GFR drop can be things not related to kidneys at all. Make sure to drink plenty of water before doing your next test. If it is your kidneys, you are at early stages and can slow progression through diet and excercise. Since diabetes and high blood pressure are the leading cause of kidney disease, keeping both of those under control should keep your kidneys functioning fine.

Once you start eating healthier and get your next test results back, you can set up an action plan with your doctor and feel more in control as the unknown is always the scariest. Hang in there Happy New Year!


Very well stated Zazzell. Happy New Year to you.


Hi it's normal to worry. But you also need to look at your creatine level to and bun. Now that being said your flow rate being 65 is not bad and if you are not drinking enough that could be better next time with more liquids.

Also some medication have an effect to and exercise so you have to look at the whole picture and get more labs in a month and do some comparison. Allways keep in mind blood tests arent 100 percent right all the time. Make some changes like drinking more and compare tests. Take care.


Thank you and others for taking the time to reply to me. I've got an appt tomorrow for another blood test then seeing the gp on Friday. I've been reading lots online and was concerned about omeprozole as I've been taking it for about 14 years. I had some problems back then with abdominal pain and was told I had a hiaetus hernia, been taking 20mg daily ever since. The gp has just repeated the prescription with no question. Will tell doc on Friday I've now stopped taking, with no reaction so far thank goodness. Maybe now I'm not taking them anymore plus I'm prob drinking twice as much as I used to, my level might improve. Will ask about creatine level and bun? I also have an under active tjyroid and take 100mg levothyroxine but I don't think that effects the kidneys. Still have the swollen tender gland in my neck, been 2 months now, gonna try not to be fobbed off. Thanks again, will try not to panic but as you know it's not easy.


I second that. When off medication my blood results improve... Get that.

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