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Meige Symdrome

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I have had this for over 4 years and get Botox injections. They do help a bit. I now have neck tremors and pain. Does anyone know i CBD oil would help? My jaw movement is getting worse the longer I have to wait in between Botox sessions. Thery are also going to assess me to see if I really need the Botox. That iis the only treatment I was told would be of any use to me,so I am very worried.

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Mine started with the twitching of the right eye. Now after 4 years it has come to the jaws. I am a teacher and is hard to open my mouth and speak. I did try botox a couple of times,was not very effective. Did acupuncture and ayurveda. None of them cured it. Am as of now on homeopathy. Was doing a little better, when i caught a cough and fever and am back to square one. The doctor is of the opinion that it is because of the weakening of the immune system. Am waiting. Could any of you all advise temporary relief measures for teeth grinding and clamping of the jaw. The strain is big. Am trying fomenting of the jaws and other facial muscles.o

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Hi, my dad had a lot of issues with this too. His jaw was clamping and teeth grinding. His muscles around his mouth/neck/face would clench a lot. He found out that chewing gum almost constantly helped him. I'm not sure if this would help you but I just thought I'd mention it. But apparently it's dangerous to get botox near those neck muscles because of your vocal chords and the muscles that help you breathe. He is now taking a medication and lies down often at work and home as this helps relieve the pain and the muscles. However he is still looking for a long-term solution.

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Chewing gum does not help me. Thanks for your reply. I wish there was a long term solution

Hi, CBD oil is definitely worth a try. I was taking it for about 2 months and thought it gave some kind of relief; helped with pain and I seemed to get through my days a bit easier. There was no side effects which I liked too. I stopped taking it because I thought the benefits wore off, also the cost. I probably should’ve continued with it though. I used the oil from Holland & Barrett but you can get higher strengths in other places which might work better. It tastes disgusting but worth it if it works 😊

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thanks for your reply I appreciate your coments

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