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I had a assemet at college but never got any anything in writing do I need to go through another assement to get it put on paper? I'm unemployed and seen from people's posts that they've had to pay £300 , is there any cheaper that you get a official paper of it to prove to other colleges and the job centre without having to take assement every time I do a course etc ,

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HI Mand82. Could you contact the college and ask if they have anything on record, if you were assessed there, there should be a record of it (I assume). If you'd like to discuss your queries with your local centre, you can contact them on dyslexiaaction.org.uk/Page/...


£25 will buy you the Toe by Toe book and if you can get a friend or family to do it with you every night, you should be able to read as soon as you finish it.

One 9 year old completed it in 5.5 WEEKS and can now read as well as anyone!

Good luck xx


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