Аn assessment needed

Hi,i just red someone is asking about assessment For their child.

I need to arrange one for my 9 years old too, but i don't know how .We live in London.

Could you ,please,help me with some recommendation?

Thank you!

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  • Hi I live in Wales but I have gone through the British Dyslexia Association it caters for lot of places. It is very expensive but they seem thorough. They have a website that is helpful and gives you all the information you need

  • Go through your school first and be insistent because that way means you won't have to pay for anything. Make an appointment with your SENDCO and ask her/him the same question. The SENDCO's job is to make sure the children with special needs are referred and assessed. Don't be fobbed off. If you don't get a proper response then it's vital that you make an appointment to see the head and have the same conversation with him/her. I taught in London schools and, many SEN children with were left to fend for themselves, because there were never enough resources to go around. However, those with parents who were insistent often got proper help and support and assessments. So please to it.

  • Thank you!

    We have done that.

    We needed to wait an year,to ask,to insist and finaly to get some answer saying that she has not dyslexia, but...And we have kind an assessment to be used in a private assessment.

    We know our child,she is getting upset and she is struggling to follow the other children.

    Thank you again.

  • Ask the school to put in writing what the cause of her difficulties are and what they intend to do about them. If they know she is not dyslexic, then what is her difficulty? If they can't be precise in writing, you need to insist that they show you the results of the assessment they did to determine that she is not dyslexic. You need to know who did the assessment and what their qualifications are. If the assessment was done by a qualified person and shows that she is not dyslexic - it will almost definitely show what her difficulties actually are and then you can insist that the school tells you what they are planning to do to address those issues. If you're not happy with the school's response, then you have to contact the local authority and ask to meet with someone who deals with SENDs. The school will also have a governor who is responsible for special needs, the office can tell you who that is, or the school website will have that information. You also need to see him/her to explain your case. If they've done an assessment you need a copy of it with the qualifications of the person who did it specified. If they haven't done one, then they have to do one. I am afraid the battle is on! If you stop they'll stop. It's going to be a long process whatever the school does or if you go private.

    I have written an article with some practical advice to parents about how to support their children with school work. I hope you find it useful. wehavekids.com/education/dy...

    Good luck.


    You are right - it is a hard battle, to prove that our child needs help.

    Thank you,i will start now.

    Kind regards!

  • Great good luck - keep in touch and write back if you need any help. You are not alone.

  • ❤️

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