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Hi guys/girls I'm after a bit of advice. My husband is learning to drive and his instructor has asked him to practice for the theory test so I bought him a disk but he cannot read the questions, can anyone please help with what to do?

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  • There should be a little sound button at the top if you press on that it will read the questions to you. Or check the settings for audio

    When I practice for my theory I had the disk very good. You can also change the colour of the page if it's necessary you find that in settings.


  • Thank you Nadine I'll try that for him

  • Hi Hun, Does the instructor know about the dyslexia ( does your hubbie know?) ? He should be able to get help in the same way a deaf or disabled learner does. (I am assuming you do not have a text to speech program on your computer) Contact the DVLA and ask about the test facilities. As long as he can read road signs and understand the highway code it shouldn't be a problem. You could start by reading them with him, and explaining what is required as an answer. Often the questions are the same but phrased differently, so if he can get the gist of it he will be fine. One thing though, sometimes the questions are in the double negative, so be aware it may be tricky to decide on an answer (i.e. is it what you should do or is it what you shouldn't do) Like most things, repetition is the key for the theory test. I have not come across this before and would like to explore this further, but good luck to him, and keep us in the know on this site.

  • When he sits his test he should be given headphones so he can hear the questions and answers. As in all examinations reasonable ajustments should be made for disabilities

  • He needs to arrange for a reader. Have a look here: nidirect.gov.uk/articles/ta.... They will give him a voice over. So no problem! They have help at hand. Good luck with the test. Let me know if you need more help.

  • Does he use overlays .Me and my son do fanatics.So much faster at reading .it seems to all come together.Speak savers do the test x

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