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I have just applied for statutory assessment for my son who is in year 5. The request was turned down as the school did not provide enough evidence. I worked so hard to provide lots of evidence and feel so let down by the school. The LA have suggested a way forward meeting with the school so that they can advise the school on the information they need to provide. Just wondering if anyone else had been through a similar situation? Many thanks.

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Whether the school did or did not provide enough evidence ur request would be turned down as not enough evidence. This letter is pretty standard from the local authority for everyone who applies to be assessed. This happened to me for my son in year 4 in 2013 so I applied to sendist for a tribunal to let a panel decide whether or my son should be assessed and low and behold they agreed to concede and assess him. All this is a time wasting exercise for the local authority. Having been through this ordeal and fighting for my son who is severely dyslexic the LA conceded all the way every time a tribunal was to go ahead and he now attends a private dyslexic school and is fully statemented. Unfortunately the way ahead is a hard battle especially with the law changing re LA response times etc my advice would to get your child independently assessed and present this report to the school and as evidence for a tribunal. Look at ipsea web site for tribunal info it is free to apply and have a tribunal so u have nothing to loose

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Every application has it's problems. They intentionally try to make it as difficult as possible in order to put people off! I agree with the above comment. Get your child independently assessed. You are right to be proactive. I'd feel let down by the school too. It's a disgrace. The school's SENCO should know about these requirements - it's part of their job! But they will be used as an excuse by the LA to reject the claim. Anyway, the meeting they suggest should go ahead. Good luck. Keep posting here people will have more practical advice for you.


Hi, I did with my son who is autistic they also refused him. You need to try and get the SEN at the school on your side really as they carry a lot of weight if they are good at their job.


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