What is the best and quickest course to get a dyslexia diagnosis for my daughter who is 17?

My Daughter is 17 and currently completing A level exams. She is convinced she has dyslexia. As she is starting University in September I would really like to ensure that if she does have dyslexia she has the appropriate support and tools. Because of her age and the fact she is leaving college shortly I am unsure as to where I obtain a diagnosis we have spoken to both the school and GP and haven't had any clear guidance.

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  • Universities often have a learning support office, with access to professionals who can undertake formal assessments, so could start with your daughter's university. You and your daughter should write down all the specific issues that make her/you both think she might be dyslexic. Alternatively, look for a full assessment from a registered Educational and Occupational Psychologist who provides diagnostic assessments - any results can then be shared with the university. That worked really well for me as an adult, and was a great relief to get a diagnosis that helped me plan a way forward.

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