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Dyslexia accessments ?


Im 21 and going to Uni in september , when i was in school i was diagnosed with dyslexia from primary school all the way into secondry. After school i didnt want any help and therefore tried to do my exams in ollege on my own, i didnt get the grades i could of because of this. Now im going uni and i would like the help so have got a form for DSA but i need a accessment and havent got a clue how i get one. can anyone help me ?

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Ask your univistiy they will have a department who support students with disabilities. Or contact your local dylexica action center. If you are still in college they may be able to help. Good luck with university I found uni to be the place I had the most help for my dylexica.

Hope that helps.


Hi , my 18 year old son needed one of these assessments and we had it done just before Christmas. If you google specialist teachers in your area, or check out the British Dyslexia Associationhttp://www.bdadyslexia.org.uk/dyslexic/getting-an-assessment-for-dyslexia

You should find help in getting in touch with a local assessor. Please be aware that we had to shop around as assessors charged between £175 and £300 to undertake this assessment, but worth it if you get the help you need and deserve.


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