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What can happen if parents refuse to give the consent for school to do a psychological test on their child ?

Hello everyone !

I have a 7 year old son that is in a public school in California. At a parent conference she started to tell me that she thinks my child has some problems because he doesn't listen all the time, he is not doing all the time his school work and she believes that he has ADHD . I know my son just doesn't like to go to school, he is a very intelligent boy , I think he just gets bored in class. I told her that she doesn't have the knowledge to come with this conclusion and I told her that I will talk to his doctor. She wanted to have a meeting with the school psychologist and the principal to see if he needs an IEP ( individual education plan ) or if there are any mental problems. The next day the psychologist calls me and tried to convince me to set a time for this , I refused and few moments later she sent me an email with the time set for this meeting. Can I just refuse and what can the school do if I refuse ?

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hi, i do understand you dont want your child labeled as mad or bad or the odd one out, but im sure this really wont happen. if your child does have ADHD and dyslexia he is already experiencing school sa the square peg in that round hole!! having an assessment will allow him the chance to use methods or that means he can learn on a level playing field with the other kids. if he starts to learn he will be happier. please dont worry you have a "special" child, it will only harm him if he isnt given the help he needs. in many many ways "us special " people far excel in other ways. lol


My friend, who's a teacher, was livid a few years back because Washington State was trying to pass a law making it mandatory for kids to be put on Ritalin if the school psychologist deemed it so. Putting kids with developing brains on mind altering drugs should be a last resort not a first! We don't know yet what the long term effects are. Find out what California law says. If you don't know someone who is in the loop, do an internet search. I don't blame you for being paranoid!

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Why I am paranoid is because they are not honest and they don't listen to my opinion. I know my son is fine, he was seen by few doctors and none of them said that he might have any problems. He is just a 7 year old,happy, active boy.



I don't live in America so I've had to look up the rules on line


In the Assessment process it says

Note: The child will not get assessed (or get special education services) unless the parent agrees in writing.

Aside from that is it worth meeting before with the principle to discuss your reservations? I know from experience in the UK that if a child is not challenged in class they may show all the symptoms of ADHD. I found once the child was moved to a different teacher that they improved enormously and suddenly they were classed as gifted as opposed to a problem.

Good luck parenting is very hard.


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