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Dyslexic video game maker Joe Booth (FIFA, NEED FOR SPEED) to host webinar for dyslexic kids wanting to learn more about video game making

Hi there,

Tonight I'm hosting a webinar with our friends at Dyslexic Advantage to cover my background as a dyslexic video game maker, my new venture, Crowded Fiction (aims to use what I learned making video games to get kids passionate about reading) and to give advice to kids who want to learn more about creating video games.

The sign up is free and read more here: vidyagamer.com/blog/2013/10...

About my app: crowdedFiction.com

Dyslexic Advantage: dyslexicadvantage.com

If you miss the live webinar a recording will be posted within a few days.

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is this app only for apple?


Yes; only for Apple - we are a tiny app developer and it just consumes too many resources to do multi-platform (and device) before it can self support it's self.


That app is F***ing amazing top work


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