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My 18 yr old daughter has dyslexia as do I and she has tried 5 times and failed her theory test she is going for number 6 in two weeks and I don't know how to help her she revises for it with the book and the disc for the pc but am beginning to think she will never pass, she is frustrated as she is ready to do her driving test but can't till she passes the theory any help would be appreciated

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  • I'm also dyslexia,it took me last year 4 times before I passed my theory test and 5 times before I passed my driving test!! With theory test I had one of the dsa apps on my iPhone, as well as the AA and bsm, they were only the free ones! The dsa one dose the multiple choose and hazard perception, i use to work thou certain groups of the multiple choice,so I see which ones I need help in ,also I use to look thou the answers, and only read the wrong ones over and over again! I when booking the theory and especially the driving test, I booked it in the disability section,dyslexia is listed on there,it will give extra time in theory test, and on the driving test, it makes the examiner aware that you dyslexic, what means when I did my 10 mins navigation test, they breaked it up in two short section with only three instruction each,so I could remember better,they showed me a diagrams as well, so I could look at it! I also asked them if when telling me left and right to use there hands as well! when first met examiner I reminded them I was dyslexic!!!!! Also got my partner to sit with me in the driving test( in the back thou) and took Bach flower rescue remedy to calm my nerves in both test

  • are you both reading from those MANy books? or from a dvd?

  • all you have to do is get her to create mental images. u hold the book, get her to close her eyes and get her to go on an imaginary journey in her car, coming a cross the road signs and markings, obviously let her look to refresh. but once shes looked ,close her eyes and fixing the info with picutres will stick in her mind. she can practice the same route adding diff road signs and markings unitll shes fluent. it will also help if she can have little incidents that happen on her journey relevent to the sign shes passing. like a level crossing sign she can imagine someone on the train waving as they go past. or a school crossing sign could have a little child eating sweets as they pass. it sounds time consuming but it wont be foe her and it will stick. to anchor info she needs to tie it in with a story around it. takes slightly longer to learn than normal people but will be able to be accessed from several direction when she needs to pull the info up and it will last longer than normal. best of luck

  • she has done the on line tests and read the books she aces the hazard perception test its the other part she struggles with, thanks for all your advice am hoping she will pass it eventually if not she will make the guiness book of records for how many times it took to do it

  • I used a cd-rom I found this helpful as I could listen to the questions and visually see them I think this helped the information stick in my head. I used the multiple choice questions to learn from rather than reading books this ment I could just learn small chunks rather than having to read,oafs of info

  • what CD did you use so that you could listen to the questions ?

  • Tell her not to give up, I have dyslexia and got through the theory test and passed my test on my 4th time which was 13 years ago. It is so important for her independence. Good luck to your daughter x

  • my friend failed his theory test 4 times and he is not x girlfriend failed that many I lost count lol maybe not everything is dyslexic

  • Not sure if you're aware that she can get extra time and a voiceover for the theory tests. Found this on the governement website

    "If you have reading difficulties

    If you have dyslexia or other reading difficulties you can ask for an English or Welsh voiceover.

    You can also ask to have more time to do the multiple-choice part of the theory test. If you do need more time, you must send proof of your reading difficulty to the theory test booking customer services."

    Hope she gets through soon and isn't getting too fed up.

  • She failed it yet again so that's number 6 she does get the extra time and the reader as when she had the headphones the persons voice had such a strong foreign accent that she couldn't understand what they were saying

  • Hi ,have you gone onto this site ? She is allowed to ask for certain things to be in place during the theory test!!! could be useful .i wish her good luck

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