Is it true that if your child gets granted a statement the LEA can in some cases pay for your child to go to a dyslexic school?

My daughter has developmental dyslexia and I am currently fighting for her to get a statement as she is several years below her peers and this is affecting her self esteem. I have heard from other people that if I managed to get her a statement the school can sometimes pay for your child to go to a specialist dyslexic school. Does anyone know if this is true?

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  • Hi we are in the same situation. The LA refused to assess our son and we have now independent reports to prove he has severe dyslexia. Our tribunal is set for next month. To get a statement which is possible for dyslexia your child will have to be pretty low on the percentile scoring. We have been told that is the case for us and pretty much he will have to come out of mainstream and go to a special school. However, the LA could provide the recommended hours of a specialist teacher and TA at school but they have to weigh up obviously what is more cost effective. So in essence it is possible to get a statement and if proven child is severe I know of children who go to specialist schools but it is rare. Have you had in independant Educational Psychologist report done yet ie WIAT WISC IV or BAS?

  • Yes, this can happen. A girl was able to get a place at Shapwick School (a specialist school for children with dyslexia and dyspraxia) in Somerset because she was eventually statemented, after a five year battle by her father with the system.

  • Chloe was administered with the BAS scores for her Verbal ability with 91

    Nonverbal ability 92

    Spatial ability. 89

    These were all in the average range

    But her literacy scores were the ones that came out below. Her word reading was the standard score of 76 and her word spelling was 71 which come out in the very low percentile Twice the school have got an Educational Psychologist in and both have said that her scores are not low enough.... However all the teachers, senco etc have said that they have exhausted every avenue now and she is not making the progress that she should be making and therefore they feel that she should be on a Statement.....She was refused a Statement last year on these grounds but we are about to apply again.

  • Yes this is true. A friend of mine got her son statemented and into a specialist school for dyslexia last year, which the LEA is paying for, including the provision of a taxi for his transport. It was a long battle to get the statement, but well worth it. He is coming on in leaps and bounds now that he has moved school. Good luck.

  • The head teacher of my school said they don't give out statements for kids with dyslexia no matter how severe it is! (Will get a statement if ADHD etc.)am now wondering if I'm being fobbed off by school! He's almost 11 + his reading age is 7! He's v bright. How did you get on with your statementing?

  • Sorry but you have definately been fobbed off by the school. Of course they want you to think that you dont get a statement for dyslexia it will cost money from their budget

  • how do u get a statement son has just been diagnosed with severe dyslexia

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